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Friday, April 24, 2009

djan's: Modern Thai Restaurant

Walking or driving around Wallingford, you might have noticed what seems like an average large house in near I-5. BUT WAIT! OH NO! It was a sign outside pitched in the front yard. This ain't your regular house. It's Djan's Modern Thai Restaurant. A nice little restaurant in quiet little residential area, in a house just like your grandma left you, before you wrecked with that last New Year's Eve party (you remember 2006).....
Well, anyways, ....walking in to Djan's you are greeted by the friendly hostess, and seated to an elegant fine-dining dining room; the sparkling glasses, the perfect lighting, the modern art pieces. You look at the menu a see a nice fusion style centering around Thai, but little additions of ingredients here and there. With the service, the environment, especially the menu; I am looking to pay about $30 for 4-5 bites. WRONG! The prices range nearly the same as any other family owned restaurant.
Before I knew, the food as done and in front of me. And I was yet surprised again with the serving size. A nice large plate that I was able to get full AND take some home. Food wasn't a miss, but they have not seem to master the complicated art of "Fusion". Overall I think that they are trying to be something great, and they are not quite there yet, but they aren't doing
wrong at all. I feel they are really, really good. Out of ten, I give them a sev.......WAIT! THEY HOST A PRIVATE DINING ROOM, THEY CATER, AND THEY DELIVER??!?!??!! Scratch that seven. I give them a 8 out of 10.


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