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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where can I get a sandwich?

So there's quite a few places to get decent sandwich here in Seattle. Most people think a sandwich is a sandwich. FUCK THOSE HILL-BILLIES! Here is a line up of places where to get the sandwiches that change your life. So let me ask you: What kind of sandwich do you want?

Just a sandwich - Subway (2nd Ave. and Wall)

I bet you're asking, "Hey Fajita, why you writing about Subway, aren't they are all the same?" as I reply with a fast backhand. YES THE MENU IS THE SAME, but really how many times have you been to a Subway and waited about 30 mins to get custom sub? Well at this Subway, they seem to have the fastest, friendliest and CLEANEST service I have seen in Seattle. (This is open for debate, I have been to many Subway's in Seattle, but not all; being that there is 500 in the Seattle metropolitan area) As for me Subway is just a cheap sandwich fix, but I still think the person should take pride in building my custom foot long masterpiece.

Subway (2nd Ave.) on Urbanspoon

A good Sandwich - Bell Street Deli & Grocery

When looking for a good deli walking the Elliot Bay water front (because I know you do that often) you might come across Bell Street Deli. A small little convince store with a deli, a awesome deli! Big thick sandwiches made with delicious choices of breads. VEGETARIANS: they have so amazing choices for you that your carnivore friends will even like (I recommend the falafel sandwich and the feta cheese sandwich) With the size of the sandwiches you are defiantly getting your bang for your buck. WARNING: Look out during lunch for the Art Institute kids and the Xgym meat heads.

Bell Street Deli & Grocery on Urbanspoon

A damn good Sandwich - Specialty's Cafe & Bakery

Now, I am not big on the coffee shop scene, but something kinda drag me into this spot. I am glad I fell in. This place not only has great HOT sandwich (go for the BBQ chicken) but good coffee (because you have to have coffee with your turkey & cranberry sandwich) and amazing sweets. Cookie that can satisfy the worse cavity-infected sweet tooth. There's one Downtown and one in the U, and if you don't want to wait in the massive line, they do deliver.

Specialty's Cafe & Bakery on Urbanspoon

A fucking good Sandwich - Baguette Box

I ate at Monsoon, a Vietnamese fine dine in Capitol Hill, but some kept telling me about the owners other restaurant, and sandwich shop. I pondered the connection between the two. Well if you know your Asian Cuisine history, Vietnam's cuisine is strongly in influenced by the French, introducing the baguette. When I finally found this little hole in the wall, I was surprised that it was empty. Next to surprised me was the hand written menu with excellent sandwiches with Vietnamese, French, Chinese and Latin flavors making my mouth water. Before I ordered, I turned around to find a line behind me to the the door. The 2 minutes going over the menu, the place was packed. If that doesn't impress you I don't know what would. I recommend the drunken chicken with a side of truffel oil french fries. Dammmmmn. Oh and for you guys on the other side of the bridge, there's on in Fremont, too.

Baguette Box on Urbanspoon

A "OMFG, I can die know because my life is complete" Sandwich - Paseo

When I first moved to Seattle (about 2 years ago), I had this colleague of mine not just recommended, demanded that I go to this little shack in Fremont to me. It was one of the few things he talked about. He described it as a grimy little shed with the best sandwiches in the world. I questioned his creditability. He took a friend there, a little bit more sane then the first, and he said the same. He took a 2nd friend, reaction still the same. I really thought they were full of shit.

Over a year later, I happen to be in Fremont and wanted some lunch. I searched high and low for this "little shack". Well I found a little shack with a line to of people to the road. My friend asked with this was it.
"I am not sure, I will ask this lady."
I walk up to the lady in business attire in the back of the line "Excuse me, is this 'Paseo'?"
She was completely sober, but was acting like she was on some sort of drug.

Wow. Can a person be cracked out over a sandwich?
My answer: Yes.

Paseo have amazing sandwiches, if you don't believe me, you would be auguring with me and +800 other UrbanSpoon users, as it is the #1 UrbanSpoon Restaurant in Seattle, and over a dozen more food websites, magazine, newspapers, and books.

And guess what?
There's a new one opened in Ballard to infect more people with the addiction.

Paseo on Urbanspoon

Honorable Mention:
A "I am drunk as fuck and need a sandwich" Sandwich -
Jimmy John's (U. District)

The small chain of sub sandwiches' branch in the U delivers to 2a.m. Because who doesn't want a sandwich after getting home from that frat party you got kicked out of because you were making out with some dude's girlfriend. It's his fault he you gave you that bottle of Jack to share with her.

Jimmy John's on Urbanspoon



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